Bargi Diversion Project :-

Bargi Diversion:-

The Right Bank canal of Rani Awanti Bai Sagar Project is khown as Bargi Diversion Project. It is an inter Basin Project which will carry Narmada waters to Rewa and Satna district after crossing high ridges of Son-Tones Basin. The length of main canal is 197.4 KM, length of distributory is 255.165 KM and length of Distribution network is 2700 KM. After completion of this project irrigation potential of 2.45 Lakh Hact land shall be created to serve Jabalpur, Katni, Rewa and Satna District. Main Canal up to 104 KM has been completed by Jan-2010 and one KM of Tunnel has been driven up to Dec- 2012. It is proposed to provide 1164 L.Cum of water for Domestic and Industrial use. It is under consideration of Govt. of India to declare as National Project. The Phase wise completion programme of Canal system up to June- 2017 is as under:-

Main Canal Parts (Kms.)
Planned Irrigation (ha)
Completion target
Phase 1 0 to 63 and distribution system 24694 June 2013
Phase 2 63 to 104 and distribution system 31899 June 2013
Phase 4 BDP 154 to 196 Kms., Nagod Satna Branch Canal 0 to 55.60 Kms., Rewa Branch Canal 0 to 24 Kms. 34000 June 2015
Phase 5 Rewa Branch Canal 24 to 39 Kms. 60448 June 2015
Phase 6 Satna Branch Canal 55.60 to 113 Kms and balance works 67959 June 2017
TOTAL 245000

Total 17100 Ha has been irrigated upto January 2012-13.