Indira Sagar Project :-

The main Dam and 1000 MW River bed Power House has been completed across River Narmada near village Punasa of district Khandwa. Left Bank Canal bed Power House of 15 MW has also been completed. Irrigation facility on only left bank is available and length of LBC is 243.893 KM. The Main Canal and distribution Network shall create irrigation potential of 1.23 L Ha. of Khargone, Barwani & Khandwa district. The Phase wise completion programme up to 6/14 is targeted as below:-

Main Canal Parts (Kms.)
Planned Irrigation (ha)
Completion target
Phase 1 & Phase 2 0 to 142 and distribution system 62200 June 2013
Phase 3 142 to 206 and distribution system 20700 June 2013
Phase 4 with Lift 206 to 243.893 and distribution system 40100 March 2014
0 to 243.893 and distribution system

The Hon’ble Chief Minister inaugurated the main canal water supply up to 155 KM flowing through Satak Aquaduct on 07/11/2012. The irrigation potential created up to 1/2013 is 51500 Ha and during 2012-13 (up to 1/12) 42230 Ha has been irrigated. Balance work is under progress.